Knee Programs

We offer several non-surgical knee programs, which include injections involving visco-supplementation with all-natural substances that provide cushioning and lubrication to the osteo-arthritic knee. Many patients who are living with the pain of bone-on-bone osteoarthritis have been able to put off knee surgery for several years. Other patients who are simply not candidates for surgery are able to obtain relief through one of our programs, which can be repeated every six months if necessary. Some patients make full recoveries or the treatment lasts for several years.

How to End Knee Pain & Avoid Surgery!

Zanesville Medical Center is the only local center to offer the most advanced and comprehensive non-surgical solution to knee pain from arthritis. The “Knee Surgery Prevention Program” is a safe, FDA approved, painless and an effective treatment for Osteoarthritis of the knee. Many times physicians inject steroids into the knee joint for pain. The overuse of steroid injections can break down the cartilage in the knee joint even further, and may actually speed up the process that leads to knee replacement. Zanesville Medical Center uses an all-natural jelly-like material called Hyalgan.

With the use of live motion x-ray guidance at Zanesville Medical Center, the knee injections are much more accurate which translates into less pain, improved results and a quicker return to the activities you enjoy. Studies show that blind injections may not properly be in the joint space up to 25% of the time and often pool into the soft tissue rather than in the joint space. In addition to the x-ray guided Hyalgan injections, our patients undergo a results oriented therapeutic knee rehabilitation program to improve their results. Our progressive Physical Therapy program enhances the lubricating and shock absorbing effect of Hyalgan injections. It also stabilizes, strengthens and improves function of the support structures in the knee while reducing inflammation. The Physical Therapists at Zanesville Medical Center are the only local Therapists to be accredited by the OsteoArthritis Centers of America for Rehabilitation Procedures in the Treatment of Osteoarthritis. Our licensed and accredited Physical Therapists work directly with each patient to help speed up your recovery.

The Knee Surgery Prevention Program is covered by all insurances including Medicare once you have been qualified for the program. The painless and effective non-surgical treatment can be repeated when needed so you can avoid or eliminate the need for knee surgery for many years. There may not be a “CURE” for knee pain from arthritis but studies have shown and our clinical results have proven that this is the very BEST option to reduce/eliminate knee pain from arthritis and prevent surgery.

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